When it comes to breast cancer, we have all heard the same message, loud and clear, for many, many years - early detection is the key, and that means testing, both at home and with your doctor. Healthcare professionals agree that mammograms are still the best way to detect breast cancer early.

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It is recommended that women perform self-breast exams every month. Women over 40 should plan on getting a mammogram every other year (unless you're at higher risk), and women over 50 should get a mammogram once a year. Regardless of how important a procedure like this is, though, it can still be difficult for some women to find the time to get away from work to get a mammogram. Ascension St. Vincent recognizes that people are busy, and that's why they have brought back their Mobile Mammography Unit.

Ascension has had the unit for many years, but it has recently been updated and upgraded - it now boasts the latest software and equipment for performing mammograms. The mobile unit will be making its way around the Tri-State over the next couple of months. See the schedule below if you'd like to take advantage of the opportunity.

Thursday, March 17th from 8am-3pm in Fort Branch, IN

Monday, March 28th from 8am-3pm in Henderson, KY

Tuesday, March 29th from 8am-3pm at Northside Crossing in Evansville

Wednesday, March 30th from 8am-3pm in Fort Branch, IN

Monday, May 2nd from 8am-3pm at the Ascension Main Campus in Evansville

If you have questions or would like to schedule the mobile unit to visit your business, you can call the Ascension St. Vincent Breast Center at (812) 485-4437.

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