Today is not a national holiday, but it is widely recognized across the world. Do you know how April Fools' day was started??? I was curious and when I was browsing I found this video explaining it....

Over the years there has been many different jokes and hoaxes.

This website rates the top 100 April Fools' day jokes here are a couple...

In 1993, a DJ in San Deigo, announced that a space shuttle would be landing in a small area in San Deigo.

In 1965, a Copenhagen newspaper, reported that all dogs must be painted white.

In 1997, emails were sent out worldwide about the Internet shutting down for 24 hours for "spring cleaning"

What is your April Fools' day joke and/or hoax??

Here are some ideas from

The #1 prank is priceless watch all the way through!!!

Happy April Fools' Day from us here at 103GBF!!!!