april fools' day

Keep Track of the ‘Best of YouTube’ Announcements
As part of their April Fool's Day tradition, Google is running a pretty great prank on YouTube, right now. They are listing the nominees for the best of YouTube before it "shuts down." Every video is nominated. They are listing every video on YouTube and reading their descriptions...
11 Hilarious Pranks for April Fools Day
Tomorrow is known as one of the biggest days for pranks, April Fools Day! Do you have your pranks set out yet? Well, it is time to get to planning how your going to get someone with a good prank!
April Fools’ Day
Today is not a national holiday, but it is widely recognized across the world. Do you know how April Fools' day was started??? I was curious and when I was browsing youtube.com I found this video explaining it....