Tigers, lions, and monkeys aren't the usual creatures you see in the midwest. However yesterday, and part of today, they had rule over the land in Ohio.

Authorities were called out to Terry Thompson's farm, after neighbors reported seeing exotic animals loose on the farm. This is not the first time that neighbors have had to call. When police arrived this time, they found Thompson had set all his animals free and then killed himself.

This lead to a day and a half chase around the Columbus area. People were urged to stay indoors and to not let their pets out. Authorities issued a 'shoot to kill' order, over worries that tranquilizers may not work.

In the end 30 of the 48 animals on the farm were killed. Including 18 Bengal Tigers, of which only 3200 are believed to exist in the world. A few animals were shipped off to the Columbus Zoo.

Thompson left no suicide note, so no reason has been given why the animals were let loose. Neighbor's seem to believe this may have been Thompson's final way to get back at them.

As of tonight, authorities believe that a single monkey is still on the loose. Many, including TV personality Jack Hannah, are asking state legislatures to consider tightening restrictions on owning exotic pets in Ohio.