Due to over helpful parents, one Easter Egg hunt in Colorado is now cancelled. 

Officials for the Easter Egg hunt that was to be held at Bancroft Park in Colorado Springs, said that last year some parents went a little too far in helping their kids collect eggs. At that even, due to a lack of hiding places, the eggs were 'hidden' in plain view.

Last year's event went wrong when the starting buzzer malfunctioned. Many kids began picking up eggs early, because they couldn't hear what was being said on a bullhorn.

Soon after many of the kid's parents hopped over a rope boundary and began scooping up eggs for their kids. The eggs contained candy and coupons for local businesses.

Many kids went home empty handed, and organizers felt it was unfair.

They claimed the Easter Egg hunt started as a small community event, and eventually grew too large for them to handle.