When it comes to letting somebody know how you feel, my family has no problem. We are actually incapable of keeping our feelings to ourselves, much like this turtle.

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The term, wearing your emotions on your sleeve, fits us perfectly. We aren't afraid to stick up for ourselves or others and let anybody know just how we feel. Although you won't see us airing our grievances cowardly on social media, we have been known to confront and speak openly and to the point.

Of all the animals in the animal kingdom, you don't think of a turtle being anything like my family. Unlike us, turtles seem to be gentler and more easy-going animals. Maybe it is because, by the time they actually get to the thing they want to confront, it has been so long since they thought about doing it, that they have time to chill and forget about it.

Not this turtle, he's different. I'm not sure what has got him all worked up, but something has him all fired up and on a mission. In the video, you see him walking in a faster than normal manner, but you don't know where he is headed.

Get off my lawn?

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