I thought I'd be more into it than I actually am...

When American Horror Story first started, I was way into it. I loved Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and Hotel. But they really started to lose me with Roanoke and Cult. Honestly, I didn't even finish watching Cult because I just got bored of it.

The first five seasons had great concepts and executions. But after Roanoke, the execution of the plots started lacking.

Remember when the first episode of each season was THE episode? It was always one of the darkest ones of that season and had something super gruesome or shocking happening to kind of desensitize you to all the other horrible crap that was about to happen in the rest of the season? You remember? That WTF moment in each season premiere? It was the episode that got you hooked for the rest of the season.

Now it's turned into more of a "Oh, just keep watching, it'll get better."

Well, I don't want to wait for it to get good. Tell me why it's good NOW so that I want to keep watching.

Maybe I feel this way because previous seasons have made me used to what happens, and what to expect. So whenever the show thinks it's giving me a "shocking" moment, I'm just sitting there expecting it to happen.

That being said, I had high hopes for Apocalypse. And I think it tried to give us a few "shocking" moments, but they just kinda came off as "Yup, that's gonna happen..."

Reasons I'm going to keep watching:

1. The Coven hasn't shown up yet. I need to see how my witches are doing.

2. Still haven't gotten my Murder House cameos.

3. That news reporter at the beginning sounded like he was expecting this...Why did this happen? Were some people in the know?

I'm basically watching because I want something else to happen. I don't want it to just be these people in this facility for 11 episodes. Give me more. Because I'm gonna get really bored of this setting really quick if something else doesn't happen.

The one shocking thing that did get me was the appearance of a character from season 1.


You might not have recognized him since he's all grown up.

The creepy Victorian dude at the end of the episode? Did his name seem familiar to you? Michael Langdon? That's because he's Vivian and Tate's baby from the first season. Yup. Baby Langdon is all grown up and doing some creepy apocalypse things now...


So, is it the best season? No. It is the worst? Also, no.

It's piqued my interest, and my curiosity for future character cameos is what's keeping me going.

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