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It Takes A Village No-Kill Rescue

It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue has been serving the Evansville area since 2010, and since opening in 2010 has a second location in Chrisney, Indiana as well.  Since beginning to serve the homeless animal population in 2010 It Takes a Village has helped more than 8,200 animals.  Their mission is they won't stop until all paws have a home.  The story of their longest resident, Gemma goes to show It Takes a Village's commitment to that motto.

It Takes a Village on Facebook
It Takes a Village on Facebook

Meet Gemma

Gemma is a sweet old girl who has spent many years of her life in the care of It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue in Evansville. She came to It Takes a Village in February of 2018 as an 8-year-old senior girl with a litter of puppies. Gemma hadn't had the easiest life before coming to It Takes a Village, which showed in her personality.  She struggled with being scared of everything from walking to people.  Due to this and some medical issues, she developed over the years, Gemma needed a home that was perfectly suited for her.

It Takes a Village Facebook Page
It Takes a Village Facebook Page

Gemma Gets Her Happily Ever After

In the meantime It Takes a Village kept Gemma, and she became a bit of a celebrity for the local rescue.  If you know about It Takes a Village, there's a very good chance you know about their big gray princess, Gemma.   Well after nearly 5 years in the shelter, Gemma can officially call herself a housedog as just in time for Christmas, she found her forever home.

It Takes a Village shared the following update on Facebook about Gemma:

778 days! Less than 2 months short of 5 YEARS!! That is how long Gemma has waited for this day to come. We are over the moon and delighted to report a Christmas miracle - GEMMA HAS A FOREVER HOME! Gemma was our longest resident who has been with us since February 2018!!! Gemma came to us as a transfer from a partner shelter. She was a senior gal at 8 years old and had a litter of puppies with her. Gemma was scared of the world when we first took her in - scared of walking, a leash, people, outside - basically everything. Gemma came a long way, but she still had some quirks from her previous life so she needed patience. Gemma, now 12 years old, also had some medical problems. However, in her time with ITV, Gemma came to rule the roost and our hearts. She is MUCH loved and is generally known as "Princess Gemma." Gemma became a celebrity here at ITV. After a couple failed adoptions and returns, in March 2022, Gemma went to the home of the ITV Executive Director, Tangila Smith, to be a foster dog. Gemma became happier and happier with each passing day in the Smith home. After 9 months of fostering, Tangila and her husband, Kevin, decided Gemma was in her forever home. We know that all things are possible if a 12-year-old Cane Corso gal with quirks and medial issues can find a home after 1778 days! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night in a forever home!

If that doesn't bring a happy tear to your eye, I don't know what will! Congratulations on your forever home Gemma! If this story touched you, and you want to make sure all the other Gemmas get their chance at a forever home, you can make a donation to It Takes a Village, here. 

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