For those unfamiliar, ABATE is an acronym for American Bikers Aimed Towards Education and it is an organization that advocates for motorcycle rights and safety.

What is ABATE

There are ABATE chapters in states all across the country but Indiana is home to the largest chapter, first founded in 1975. The organization is the backbone of the "Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month" campaign that takes place statewide in May every year.

ABATE of Indiana's motorcycle safety program has received numerous national awards of excellence and many of the instructors have received the nation's highest honors. Over 140,000 students have been trained since its inception in 1979. In 1986, the Indiana Department of Education became involved with the program, resulting in a dramatic decrease in motorcycle fatalities which continues today.

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How To Get a Motorcycle License

For those interested in obtaining a motorcycle endorsement for their Indiana driver's license, it is a good idea to take a motorcycle rider course. However, if you would prefer to get a motorcycle endorsement without first taking the course, you must still receive a motorcycle permit from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and then pass a riding test.

Do I Need To Pre-register?

To take a skills test with ABATE of Indiana, there is no pre-registration required. You will need to show up on your chosen testing day with a vehicle of your own to test with - either a motorcycle or a trike.

What To Bring to Testing

  • $40 cash in exact change
  • Your state issued photo ID
  • A valid Indiana Learner's Permit
  • A DOT approved motorcycle helmet
  • Eye protection if you are under 18
  • If under the age of 18, a parent or guardian signature is required.
  • Necessary Sign waivers
  • Registered & Street Legal motorcycle - proof of insurance may be required

Where Are The Test Sites?

Currently, there are a number of tests scheduled across the state of Indiana. At this time, testing will take place in Evansville, Indiana on April 10th and April 24th.

Time May Be Running Out

Unfortunately, testing with ABATE after April 30, 2022, is up in the air as that is the date that the contract between ABATE of Indiana and the state of Indiana will terminate. According to ABATE,

We do not know if a contract extension will be issued. We have also been advised by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, that they intend to add some things to the test at that time, that will make it more difficult. The only certainty is that ABATE of Indiana will be conducting the current version of the Rider Skills Test (RST) through the end of April.

If you are planning to get your endorsement and would like to utilize ABATE testing, you might want to make your plans now to attend one of the testing dates. Find them and additional details here.

[Source: ABATE of Indiana]

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