Bluegrass Team Real Estate (Hunter Simmons, Realtor)
Bluegrass Team Real Estate (Hunter Simmons, Realtor)

UPDATE: As of December 2020, this property is off the market. But you can still enjoy its splendor by the photos below.

Original Story: This abandoned Kentucky castle is for sale, and it's every horror fan's dream home.

Located on 2.947 acres of land in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, is a piece of architecture that doesn't quite fit with it's country like surroundings. This abandoned old castle is Ashfeld Manor. Ashfeld Manor was built in the late 1800's. Luckily for us Bluegrass Team Real Estate went and checked out the abandoned manor and were able to snag some beautiful photos.

We had every intention of being a contending bidder on this Historic Castle Ashfeld Manor - and to do a full renovation/restoration on it, revitalize the Castle and have some sort of AirBnB, event center, small farm winery, etc in Harrodsburg, KY. Something that would make the community proud and promote tourism to the area.

The images that the real estate agent was showing online were from years gone by - and no return calls or return texts. Now I see why.

Needless to say, it was quite a shock for us when we checked out the property on the way to the Foreclosure Auction --- wow, we had no idea it had been out in the elements like this for so long. There were doors that were wide open (how we got these images) and doors that were chained and locked or screwed shut (see the images we took through the glass or screen doors). We are so appreciative they left some of the doors open - wide open for us to see, so we didn't bid on something that looked quite different from what was available online.


As you can imagine by the description, the property needs a LOT of work. It will be no small undertaking to take on fixing up this home, but could you imagine what it would look like if someone with a huge income could come and fix it up? I really hope the right person finds this home, and gives it the care it deserves (it's going to take someone with a whole lot of money). Check out photos of the castle below.

Bluegrass Team Real Estate say they property went onto the foreclosure auction in January of 2020 for a big price tag of $329,465

See all of the photos, and more about the home from Bluegrass Team Real Estate, by clicking here.

See Inside Abandoned Kentucky Castle Ashfeld Manor

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