If you would have told me on July 14th 2019 that July 14th 2020 would be a totally different world, I wouldn't have believed you.  The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on our way of life in just the few short months it's been around.

Here lately, I've been missing concerts something fierce. My husband and I are big fans of hitting the road to see our favorite bands, and we lucked out last year. We had several GBF Damn Loud Rock shows roll through Evansville, so there were a few concerts we didn't have to travel to see which was nice.  Of all the GBF Damn Loud Rock Shows to roll through Evansville, I have to say I thought Twins of Evil was hands down the best.  While each rock show last year kicked major ass, Rob Zombie just takes shows to a whole other level.  If you didn't get the chance to go last year, the next time Rob Zombie tours, do me a favor, and go enjoy!!

All of this being said, I know things are rough right now. I know we're all bummed about events, and plans we were looking forward to being canceled, but this isn't forever.  We will eventually get through the pandemic, and there will be concerts again.  In the mean time, I've been filling the concert void by watching live concert videos on YouTube, and scrolling through photos of past concerts I've been to.

Check out photos from last year's GBF Damn Loud Rock Shows below, and relive the moments! Thank you for sticking around and rocking with us through this weird time, we appreciate you more than you know!

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