Be careful. Be safe. And be cautious!

While the kids may get a snow day, many us adults have to actually put on pants and go to work today. So, while commuting today, be aware of the road conditions and your surroundings.

I live on the West Side of Evansville, and as I came into work today I saw many people get too confident with turning a corner and almost spin out. Don't get too confident with the roads! Even if they look safe in some areas, it's better to be safe than sorry. That icy mush is unforgiving.

Another thing I noticed is a LOT of people running red lights. Not because they were speeding, but because (I'm pretty sure) they felt they couldn't break in time with the ice and snow and mush (which, if you try to break to hard and too fast in this stuff, you might spin out and cause a wreck), so they just continued to casually drive through a light that had been red for about 2-3 seconds already. I saw this 3 times this morning.

I know the Lloyd and other main roads are okay to travel, but side roads, neighborhoods, and downtown are still a little tricky. So be careful out there, be safe, and be aware of other cars around you!


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