We can all agree that High Score Saloon is one of the coolest spots in Evansville. Not only do they have an amazing variety of old-school arcade games, pinball machines, and craft beer, High Score has become known for the way they give back to the community. In order to make sure we have the safest environment to hang out in, they will wait until July to reopen.

In the meantime, they are working to get their second location ready to open. High Score Player 2: Classic Arcade will be an all-ages arcade, so parents can play games like Mario Bros., Galaga and Q*Bert with their kids. This Westside location will also feature a race wall, consoles, pinball machines, and a 4 person Captain America Avengers game.

Let's take a look inside:

High Score Player 2 will continue the tradition of giving back to the community in several ways. Kids with CASA and Big Brothers, Big Sisters will be able to play at no charge. At least two times per year, they will host events for foster families, so they will be able to play for free.

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