Get ready to buy hand sanitizer in bulk, a majority of people you encounter each day aren't washing their hands. 

A survey of 3,700 people revealed that a majority of them aren't washing their hands or they aren't doing it correctly. In fact, 10% of those people claimed they didn't wash their hands in any capacity.

One-third of those asked didn't use soap. My girlfriend also informed me that while soap is important, its the friction caused by rubbing your hands together that dislodges bacteria (why wasn't this covered in my college classes).

5% of survey participants managed to wash their hands for the suggested 20 seconds. A majority only washed their hands for six seconds.

You may also think twice before high-fiveing your buddy, 15% of men surveyed never washed their hands. My personal non-scientific observation at a bar in a bathroom of 15 men, I was the only one who washed my hands. Then I got strange looks for using a paper  towel to open the door.

Something to think about when you split a pizza with your buds.

(MSU Today)