The year 2022 ended with a 4-alarm warehouse fire that has kept the Evansville Fire Department busy for several days.

Evansville Aerial
Evansville Aerial

A Priceless Drawing

I know that our local firefighters appreciate it when we thank them for their service. But is there anything sweeter than a hand-drawn card from an 8-year-old? I mean, come on, this is such a nice thing to do, especially after the year our fire departments have had. Kendal
After the recent warehouse fire, a young lady named Kendall dropped this card off to crews on duty. Even during the hardest days, kind words like this make it all worth it!
On behalf of the men and women of the Evansville Fire Department, Thank you Kendall, and everyone else in the community for your words of encouragement and support over the last 48 hours!

Kendal knows a thing or two about the world of first responders. You see, her grandpa is former Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams. "Proud of our firefighters and my granddaughter Kendal!"

Evansville Aerial
Evansville Aerial

Can You Guess How Much a Firefighter's Gear Weighs?

There are some mornings that I don't feel like walking up two flights of stairs with my computer bag. I cannot imagine adding a minimum of 45 pounds to the small bag that I carry. That's the average weight of basic turnout gear for firefighters. Of course, depending on what is happening, they might need extra tools, and that can really add up too.

Firefighter Gear Pocket Dump

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Evansville Professional Fire Fighters Local 357

Evansville Aerial Captures Heartbreaking Photos of December 31, 2022 4-Alarm Fire

Mark with Evansville Aerial Photography was able to capture some very 'In the moment' Photographs of the December 31, 2022, warehouse fire at 1421 N Garvin St, Evansville, IN 47711.
Follow his Facebook page for more amazing photos and drone footage of our beautiful city.

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