These things are everywhere. But what ARE they?

You always find these things in shoe boxes, backpacks, and gym bags...But what are they? What is there purpose?

When I was a kid and I got my new backpack for the school year, I would always throw these away. I assumed they were just little things left in there by the manufacturer. Also, I had to throw them away to make room for all my Lisa Frank back-to-school swag...

But it turns out these little packets are helpful in a lot of ways outside of bags and boxes.

These little doodads help prevent mold and bacteria from forming. (Pretty helpful in a gym bag...)

And I know some packets specifically tell you to 'throw them away'. But here's a few reasons why you shouldn't, and how they can get reused.


1.  Fixing a water damaged phone.

Most people put their phone in rice, but if you get enough of these packets together, they work just as well.

Also, then your phone won't smell like wet rice...


2. Makes razor blades last longer.

Since silica prevents the accumulation of moisture, it work well to keep your blades from rusting.


3. Storage

Keep some of these in boxes of heirlooms or ornaments.


4. Photos/Scrapbooks

It can prevent photos from sticking together, and prevents moisture damage to them. Same with ornaments, heirlooms, and other things you may have in storage that can be damaged over time by humidity/temperature fluctuations.


5. Keep them in the backpacks/gym bags/shoe boxes they came in

Like I said, they help prevent bacteria and mold. Two things you definitely want in these things...


6. Car cup holders.

Every have your car cup holder get mysteriously sticky? You didn't spill's just sticky for some reason...

Pop a silica gel packet in there to prevent the stickies.


7. Tool boxes

Helps prevent tools from oxidizing and rusting over time.



So there! Those weird little packets are actually pretty helpful! So don't throw them away!


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