Dieting and exercising is hard...Here are some ways to keep at it!

I don't even know why we say "New Years Resolution" anymore. 75% of the time that New Years Resolution is to eat better and exercise more. And if that was your New Years Resolution, you might be about to hit that exercise slump (if you haven't already).

Here are some ways I try to keep up in my day to day life:


1. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

I have the option to use an elevator to get to our floor every day, and instead, I take the stairs. So, to start my day, I'm walking up 3 flights of stairs.


2. Walk to lunch.

Our offices are downtown, so there are many places to eat when it comes to lunch time. Why take a car for something 3 or 4 blocks away? Also, after lunch, it feels good to walk back and work off what you just ate.

And then I also have to go up those stairs again...


3. No sodas at lunch.

Get water. Substituting soda for water makes a big difference. Also, staying hydrated is important with all this sickness going around.

Drink all the water!


4. Dancing during commercials.

I know it sounds silly, but hear me out. At the end of a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is get your butt to a gym. So when I don't have the energy to do that, instead, while I'm watching some of my favorite shows at night, when a commercial break comes on, I start to play one of my favorite songs on my phone and I dance to it.

Dancing is exercise! And you can chose a song that gets you into the groove! And it's only for about 2 to 3 minutes of dancing depending on what station your watching.

It's brief. It's fun. It gets the blood pumping. It's cardio at home.


5. Volunteer to walk dogs.

Trick yourself into thinking your doing this because the dogs need exercise, not you. (SPOILER: It's exercise for you too.) Many shelters actually need volunteers to help walk their doggos. You can volunteer at It Takes a Village, VHS, Warrick Human Society, and with the PC Pound Puppies.


What do you like to do to stay on the right track when it comes to your New Years Resolution?

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