Today is #NationalDogDay and all over social media people are sharing photos of their pups.  Honestly this is the best my facebook feed has looked all year! So to celebrate I thought I'd share something a little personal and close to my heart, my dogs.  I've got two dogs, Wrigley (tan) and George (brindle), and they're both rescues.  I adopted Wrigley from Another Chance for Animals in 2013 and George from It Takes a Village in 2016. Wrigley was my first ever rescue, and to be honest she taught me that second hand dogs make the best pets!

Here's why you should consider rescuing your next best friend!

5 Reasons to Adopt Your Next Dog

If you're interested in seeing adoption/rescuing is for you, here's some great places around the Tri-State to start your search for your next best friend!

If I forgot any, don't hesitate to let me know! I'm happy to keep this list updated!

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