The stresses of trying to land a decent job can be overwhelming, but here are some things to consider when you're on the job hunt. released the five top myths on how to land a job, and these are things that you should know when applying. Everyone has preconceived notions about applying for jobs, that are, quite frankly, myths.

Myth 1: My Experience Will Get Me a Job

Myth 2: I Didn’t Hear Back -- They’re Not Interested

Myth 3: They’ve Got My Resume; They’ll Let Me Know If There’s Another Role Good for Me

Myth 4: I’m stuck on my career path

Myth 5: There’s Nothing Out There for Me

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These are things that most everyone has had running through their mind during the hiring process. They just aren't as true as you may believe. To learn more about these myths and how to stay ahead of the competition, visit the original article here.

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