The 3rd annual Zombie Walk is happening October 20th in downtown Evansville. This got me thinkin' what would we do if we had a Zombie Apocalypse!!! I have also been watching Walking Dead (started mid season 3 so I'm not real sure what is going on just yet), I have my plan for Zombie Apocalypse in case you were wondering, do you have one??? I'm sure it will never happen, but what if it does?!?!?!!



Of course you will want to go somewhere where you can have a lot of ammo and be gated in away from Zombies. I was thinkin' Walmart they have EVERYTHING! I would even settle for the Walmart distribution center they have to have everything too. I don't think I would go to a prison because then you have to deal with the immates.....but they already have a gated perimeter. Yes, I have for real thought this out. This was one of my random conversations my fiancee and I have had. I think it would be very scary not knowing where our next meal will be from or if we will get bit. I hope it never happens but I will be going to a Walmart and taking that bitch over!

What would you do if we had an Zombie Apocalypse???? Tweet me @chels103 or comment below!

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