Evansville is one of six finalists in a contest being hosted by Google. Your vote could help the city win $25,000 for the EVSC. 

According to the website for the Google Model Your Town Competition, the winner will get "$25,000 for the town's public school district or an individual school."

Local resident Randall Crane created most of the virtual Evansville. He used the SketchUp program from Google to create 3D models of local buildings, that would be featured in the company's Google Earth program.

Other finalists include, Lowell, Mass.; Getaria, Spain; Leominster, United Kingdom, and two cities in Poland: Tourn and Zielona Gora.

You can help Evansville win by voting on the contest website. The winner will also get a visit by a team from Google, who will make a virtual tour video of the city.

Voting will go on through May 1st with the winner announced on May 15th.

Check out a video of the contest entry below.