There are few things better than a burger or thick juicy steak cooked over the grill, but Kat has 3 items you need to add to your grilling repertoire this spring!

Grilling at summer weekend
Photo: Alexander Shalamov

I love grilling season. I am no culinary genius by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, Mike handles most of the grilling, but there are a few things that I am able to contribute when it comes to cooking over the grill. Here are three of my favorites.

Best Grill Potatoes Ever

Dice up your potatoes and some onion. Lay them out on a piece of aluminum foil. Sprinkle those bad boys with a little season salt, a dash of pepper and parmesan cheese. Toss on some shredded cheddar-jack cheese, wrap up the foil, and toss them on your grill until the potatoes are tender.

Vegetable Grill Medley

Grab a zucchini, yellow squash and onion. Dice the veggies and throw them down on a piece of foil. Toss some butter, salt and pepper on to your vegetables. Wrap them up in the foil, and throw them on your grill until they are tender but still brightly colored.

Fresh Grill Green Beans

Pick up some fresh green beans. Chop off the ends of the beans, and lay them down on some foil. Add butter, salt and pepper like with the vegetables above, but you're going to add a little garlic to your green beans too. Don't forget some diced onion. Wrap it all up and put it on the grill until the green beans are tender but still bright green. You don't want them mushy.

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