Could this finally be the year? Of course, we're talking about that elusive new Tool album. When we put together the Most Anticipated Hard Rock + Metal Albums every year, the progressive spiritual titans have graced our list each time, but 2018 feels different. Drummer Danny Carey assured us it would "definitely" be out this year and here's to hoping his words ring true.

Rammstein are another perennial contender as they haven't issued anything new from the studio since 2009. The German industrialists debuted new material onstage in 2017, offering a ray of hope that we're on the verge of a new record, which means a supporting tour and another chance to bear witness to one of the most dangerous stage shows in the world.

We'll be updating this list as the year rolls on and it promises to be a good one. Check out all of 2018's Most Anticipated Hard Rock + Metal Albums in the gallery below.

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