There's no denying this last year was hard, we saw many things shut down as our lives kind of came to a standstill for a moment. One thing I know I seriously took for granted before the pandemic was concerts. There's something about the energy in a room full of people singing along to their favorite songs while watching their favorite bands rock out.  I didn't realize how much I truly enjoyed going to concerts until I couldn't anymore.  Now things are changing and getting back to normal, and we're seeing the return of concerts. So which concert do you want to see this year?

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Recently we were given a $250 Visa gift card to do whatever we wanted with, so we decided hey we're always telling you what concerts you can win tickets to on the air and online, so why not let you decide what concert you want to see this time?  So allow us to buy your next concert tickets, and entering is simple!

We want to see a photo of the best concert you've ever been to. Submit this photo through our 103 GBF mobile app.  Just open the free GBF app on your phone, open the side menu and tap "submit a photo."  It's that easy to enter! I just tried it on my phone and it took about 10 seconds to submit a photo.  No worries, if this sounds a bit complicated I took screenshots along the way to take you step by step to submit your photo!

Best of luck, winner will be contacted on July 2nd via phone call, so don't forget to let us know your phone number when signing up.

How to Submit Your Concert Photo

Here's how to submit your concert photo inside the 103 GBF mobile app!


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