Last year wasn't the greatest year for shopping on Black Friday, but Black Friday deals and shopping are back in full gear in 2021.

Each year, WalletHub releases a list of the best Black Friday deals by retailers. How did they come up with their results? Well according to their website, they looked at:

"nearly 5,000 deals from 21 of the biggest U.S. retailers’ 2021 Black Friday ad scans and calculated the average discount that each retailer plans to offer. The average discount was weighted based on the prediscounted price of the item in order to give more credit to the retailers discounting higher-ticket items."

These results were based on discounted prices for things like appliances, jewelry, apparel, computers and phones, electronics, consumer packaged goods, toys, and furniture. That's a lot of categories. I am sure that you probably have a lot of items on your list of things to buy that fall under these categories, but where should you go to take advantage of these deals in the Evansville area?

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Best Places To Shop On Black Friday In The Evansville Area 2021

Of these 21 retailers, several of them can be found here in the Evansville area. So, if you're planning on going out and shopping in that madness next Friday, it might be good to know about which places have the overall best deals ahead of time. That being said, since they are the best, you will most likely be waiting in a line that is forever long.

Granted, the list of retailers that were presented in this study leaves out a lot of other major retailers we have here in the Evansville area. If you'd like to take a look at Black Friday ads from more retailers, you can click here. Also, you shouldn't forget that we have so many local boutiques, gift shops, and more stores here as well that you could find Black Friday deals.

Now, for the reason, you're still reading this article. Here are the best places to shop this year, based on the average discounts in the Evansville area:

The Best Stores In The Evansville Area For Black Friday Deals in 2021

If you're planning on going out and shopping in that madness next Friday, it might be good to know about which places have the overall best deals ahead of time.

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