These are the words of my friend Kevin Derr, who's father was killed yesterday in Perry Country by a hit and run driver.  Please read, as you may be able to help!

"So here is the best I know so far and I may have it all wrong too, but Dad and Uncle Mike were coming home from exploring some property in eastern Kentucky. They had had a good trip. Dad called me on the way home to talk but I didn’t take his call because I was too busy yelling at a soccer game.

They had taken the six wheeler side- by-side and a trailer tire, the second one, went flat on I-64 in Perry County. They were far off the road and had six feet between the Jeep and trailer and the white line.

Dad was squatted down removing lug nuts and Mike was standing beside him helping. A vehicle swerved off the road just missing Mike and crushed Dad between the trailer and the driver’s vehicle. The driver dragged Dad down the length of trailer and the Jeep with Uncle Mike watching.

The driver never applied his brakes. He swerved back onto the highway and keep on going as if he’d ran over nothing more than an empty sack.

Mike tried to wave down passing cars and no one would stop to help. His cell phone wasn’t working and he couldn’t figure out how to use Dad’s new Iphone that RaGina had just bought him for his Birthday earlier this month. Finally a woman stopped and she called 911.

Her and Mike tried to revive Dad with CPR but he was bleeding from his mouth and nose and drowning in his own blood. Mike tried as only a brother could to save him. Dad’s arm and leg were visibly broken.

The EMT crew arrived and used the electric paddles but Dad was gone. They pronounced him dead and turned the Life Flight helicopter around in mid air.

The police are still looking for the driver and his vehicle. I hope his conscience is killing him."

If you have any information at all about this tragedy.  Please call the Indiana State Police Jasper Post 800-742-7475 or

Contact Information:
Name: Sergeant Chad Dick
Phone: (812) 634-5520