The Avengers movie will be finally be in theaters this Friday! Hell to the yeah! And we all know what it's about...right? A group of superheroes join together to help defeat a common enemy who threatens to destroy the world...or something like that.

Well, what if a bunch of other heroes wanted to get involved...even if they weren't invited? What if the Hulk sent out a Facebook invitation? As you'll see Nick Fury (aka Samuel L. Jackson) would be none too happy.

And please don't get all uber-geeky on me and start complaining about the extra heroes in the video. I just see somebody saying (imagine a speech impediment if it helps) "I can't believe they would include Green Lantern, Plastic Man and the Wonder Twins. Everybody knows they are a product of DC Comics...and The Avengers are clearly from Marvel". It's just a stupid video dude.