A white supremacy group, known as the KKK, was in Washington, Indiana over the weekend in a ground roots attempt to recruit new members.

According to reports, residents of this small southern Indiana community were solicited literature about the infamous Ku Klux Klan on Sunday morning, which has the majority of the townspeople in a raucous state of upheaval.

Police chief Mike Healy says that Washington may be a small town but it is not small minded. "We're a diverse town. We got Hispanics; we get them from Romania. We got them from everywhere here in town. I mean, we are a diverse town. We have a lot of different cultures here now, and that’s a good thing,” he said.

Healy is quick to point out that the literature did not target any specific group nor was it threatening in any way.

Freedom of Speech keeps law enforcement officials, like Healy, from locating the culprits responsible for spreading the literature and charging them with any crime other than littering.

As of now, the only contact information anyone has for those responsible for distributing the literature is a post office box located in Churchill, Tennessee.