Never before would I ever think to say this, but Weird Al is needed in Evansville. Now before you bring out the anti-accordion propaganda, hear me out.

In the recent months, The Fox Network announced it was dropping its affiliation with local station WTVW. Another 'brilliant' decision made by Fox, which cancelled Arrested Development and Family Guy. And not just once for Family Guy, twice.

Luckily that means Fox is taking that American Idol crap as it moves to a digital subchannel. Don't let the door hit you! Seriously!

If the folks at WTVW need any help, the guidebook for them is laid out in a 1989 movie starring Weird Al called, UHF. Al's character is down on his luck and becomes the owner of a TV station. Long story short, hilarity ensues.

Short of calling in the master of parodies, WTVW announced it is becoming Local 7 on July 1st. They plan to expand local news and cover high school sports. They also plan on launching a High School Quiz show. However, it doesn't look like Spatula City is signing on for sponsorship....yet.

Just remember WTVW, Weird Al can be on standby (and don't drop Judge Judy, that's a personal request).

Best of luck WTVW. If you ever think you did something wrong, just remember Fox brought us Quintuplets. That should be punishable by death alone.