The whole purpose for We Are Evansville is to give folks that live here the opportunity to show some solidarity and some pride in our city. And you have the chance to do just that this Saturday morning during a special video/photo shoot down on the river front.

This is the second attempt at this photo shoot. Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade last time, and the event had to be rescheduled. So here we are, ready to give it another try. Everything is in place. Riverside will be closed off…the weather is going to be beautiful…event organizers know what they need to do…now all we need is YOU. No matter how much planning has been done, this type of event simply won’t work without YOU. So we’re basically asking you to come be Evansville…literally.

Ya’ see, the goal of this event is to spell out the word ‘Evansville’ using you, me, and everybody who comes out. The We Are Evansville folks have figured out how many people it take to spell out each letter…and it looks like they’ll need about 400 people to make this thing work. Of course, we want way more than that to show up. According to Pam Hight, one of the group’s founders, there are over 6,000 We Are Evansville shirts out there…so if you cared enough to buy a $5 shirt, certainly you can care enough to come be a part of this FREE event.

So now you know what is going to happen…here is the rest of the information you need. If you would like to be in this photo, you are asked to come down to the Four Freedoms monument around 9:30am. The photo shoot will start promptly at 10am. If you have a We Are Evansville shirt, wear it! Don’t sweat it if you don’t have one, just wear a bright colored shirt.

The We Are Evansville group is also still accepting photographs as well…photographs of our city, things that make you proud of Evansville. These pictures will be incorporated into a special video which will also include our photo this weekend. You can post your pictures on the We Are Evansville Facebook page, or on Twitter or Instagram, or you can send them to