In high school, there was nothing I loved more than the stage. I would spend all of my time working on lines, auditions, sets, anything that revolved around the theater. I was bit by the bug and I never wanted anything more than to be the last person to bow at the curtain call.

There is something special about theater. Not only do you fall in love with the stage, but you gain a new family. You spend so much time with these people. They see you at your worst  in sweaty tank tops and smeared make up, exhausted from rehearsal, and then they see you decked out in full costume and stage make up. You love and hate the people you work with because you spend so much time with them and bond over show tunes and snacks, but you hate them because they got the part you were dying for.

The experience you get from being a part of a theater production, whether it is playing the music in the pit, directing, creating the set and working with lights and sound, or bringing the characters to life, it is always a wonderful memory that you will cherish for a lifetime. No one will ever replace my theater directors in my heart.

Amanda Antey

Eric and Amanda Antey, along with Benjamin Boyer and Kelsey Miller and the rest of the fabulous instructors are giving this gift to many students in the area with their production of “Children of Eden” opening tonight at the Castle High School Performing Arts Center and runs through this Sunday. Tickets are $10 for students, $12 for Senior Citizens and $14 for students. Eric Antey, the director, states:

“We wanted to choose a show this year that would continue to challenge our students in a different way, but might allow for a wider range of audience members to attend.”

This production is comparable to professional with a collection of some of the most talented students in the area. Together, they have put together a production that is entertaining for all audiences. The set is fabulous, the actors are incredible, and the music is phenomenal. It is a production well worth your money and you may even want to come back again.

For information regarding the show, you can check out the Warrick County Summer Musical page

To pre-order tickets, call 812-455-6851.