Let me start by saying - I am not a political person. But, since this debate was taking away from my Grey's Anatomy time, I decided to watch it.

Everyone has their views on what needs to be done in the country and what hasn't been done with the Obama administration etc, etc. I did have to go to Abcnews.com to check some facts. Which every news station has their own opinions, as well. It is really hard to believe what is true and what is not.

I did however notice that Paul Ryan wouldn't really answer a question with a straight answer.

Biden called him out several times in the debate, which I thought was great! Although, Joe Biden did laugh and show his pearly whites quite a bit in this debate, I felt Ryan was very smug and stiff on some of this responses.

These are just my opinions. I really don't like politics and feel like all of them lie at some point or another, and make promises they don't keep.

What we want to know is - who do you think won this debate. How did you feel this debate went compared to the Presidential debate last week?

Take our poll and tell us who you thought won. Feel free to comment below your thoughts!



I had to add in the picture of Joe Biden and his pearly whites :)

Win McNamee / Getty Images / 2012 Vice Presidential Debate