This past week University of Evansville was named, "Best in the Midwest" by the Princeton Review!!!!!! I find this super exciting, not only is it in Evansville but I graduated from UE in 2010!!!!!

The Princeton Review had students do a 80-question survey and rate by accessibility of professors all the way to the food on campus. They also had a place for comments.

"One student called UE 'a place where you will know all of your faculty and the faculty will know you and really care about you, a place where you can really talk to your professors about anything from work, to life, to your future."

I honestly can agree with everything that the student said about UE! It is a smaller school so the professors can reach out to you one on one and help you with anything you need! I still talk to some of my professors even after I graduated! One of the main reasons why I decided to attend UE is because the smaller campus equals smaller classes and the professors can and are willing to help you with anything you need! I really appreciated that and I wouldn't have graduated if I didn't have professors like that.

UE is one of the 153 colleges that were chosen for the "Best in the Midwest" through the Princeton Review.

Congratulations University of Evansville!! The title of "Best in the Midwest" is well deserved!!!!!!!