Being a rock star can be tough business. What groupie do you take backstage tonight? Will you get sick off of the food you ate backstage? Did you remember to pay your taxes?

Most rock bands hire people to take care of these issues for them, but unfortunately Wes Scantlin seems to have missed a couple of tax payments. He is now indebted to the government, to the tune of $60,000.

Entertainment blog, TMZ, says the Puddle of Mudd frontman didn't pay $45,000 in federal taxes in 09, and also skipped a $17,000 payment for state taxes.

This is just more trouble that is piling up for Scantlin. Recently he and his wife of 4 years, model Jessica Nicole Smith, filed for divorce. Before that Puddle of Mudd guitarist, Paul Philips, quit the band.

According to TMZ, representatives for Scantlin say the tax issue is 'being worked on'. No word on if that statement applies to the band's next album.