Recently, I was visiting my best friend and she had these amazing candy bowls around her house! I thought they looked neat so I asked her where she got them...her response was I made them, they are records!

I had to have some! They are super easy to make, if you don't have any records laying around your house (which I didn't) the Goodwill has some for just a buck! Cheapest candy dishes I've ever found!

First you set your oven to 350 degrees, let that sucker warm up.

Then you find a bowl or dish that can go in the oven, set the record on top of that dish and put in the oven for a few minutes keep checking it because this happens fast, as I found out yesterday!

Pull the record out after the whole record is soft (BE CAREFUL it's hot!) and mold the record to your liking! The record will then harden to how you molded it!

Then bam! You have a record-candy dish for only a dollar!!!!!!! I currently have them all over my house!!!