The premise for the movie "Looper" is pretty simple. Mobsters in the future send their "hits" back in time, to be executed by assassins at an earlier point in time.

So this movie is already asking you to believe a lot. For instance, that cars from this decade will be around in 2044. Also that Bruce Willis is an older Joesph Gordon Levitt. In the same way Bob Saget is the older version of Ted from "How I Met Your Mother" (Spolier: The mother is a stripper. Ted is telling his entire life story after he is caught by her children while trying to sneak out after a sleazy night).

The folks at Cinema Sins complied an entire YouTube video of mistakes from the movie. The 3 minute film shows that even in the future we have the tendency to screw up.

And seriously, Soy Steaks? Like I say about Dippin' Dots, I hope I'm long dead before that becomes a "thing of the future".