If you are a fan of Rick and Morty, your merchandising dreams are about to come true.

You know how Oscar Mayer has their Wiener Mobile? Well, Rick and Morty have their own Weiner Mobile. Except it's not a wiener, it's a giant Rick.

Not only is it a really cool vehicle that we'd all love to take a selfie with, it actually has a purpose!

It's a mobile pop-up store that has exclusive and custom Rick and Morty merch.

And it's coming to Evansville!!!

Specifically, Comic Quest on 2260 E. Morgan Ave, on Friday, Aug. 31st from 6p-9p.


-Quantities are limited on some items. So don't get butthurt when someone gets a cool thing and you go to buy the cool thing and they're out.

-GET THERE EARLY. Parking is limited and the line for the Rickmobile will most likely be capped. Judging by the Facebook events page, it's gonna get crowded FAST...


Want more info, tour schedule, and schweet pics of the Rickmobile? Visit Rickmobile.com for more.