I am old enough to remember when people smoked cigarettes on TV shows, and networks ran cigarette advertisements.  One of my early memories of such an ad was "The Marlboro Man"

American Cancer Society

Not a surprise to anyone, the man who played The "Marlboro" Man has died from smoking related causes.

72 year old Eric Lawson pictured above in an anti-smoking campaign for the American Cancer Society, was the “Marlboro Man” from 1978-1981, died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Lawson was also in “Baretta”, “The Streets of San Francisco”, “Charlie’s Angels,” ”Dynasty” and “Baywatch.”

He is not the first "Marlboro Man" to die from smoking related causes.  Several actors played the "Marlboro Man" character over the years including David Millar who passed away from emphysema in 1987 and David McLean who died of lung cancer in 1995.

Is there a message in all this?  Yes, we all die...but sometimes you help yourself speed up that process with such habits.  I know lots of smokers and they all know it can and very well may kill them, or be related to their death somehow, someday.  They accept the responsibility for their actions.   My advice, if you gotta smoke, try vaping.