The Lego Man, like G.I Joe before him, has taken many roles. He has been an astronaut, a pirate, a skeleton, and even a Jedi.Now he is taking on the role of Florida Tourist.

On a beach near Siesta Key, Florida residents found a giant Lego man that appeared on the beach. The large figure also has "No Real Than You Are" on his shirt. Should I start questioning my religion?

This isn't the first time a large Lego man has appeared on a beach. Another Lego man washed up on a beach, across the ocean, in Zandvoort a Dutch resort town.

So is a Lego man invasion how things will really end in 2012. Hey, at least construction time on buildings would be drastically cut. And considering my experience in Lego building, I'll make a killing in the construction industry.

An Italian in construction, I know, but I digress...