So now that we have a cool 103GBF You Tube Channel, which we'd love for you to subscribe to,  I thought I'd start a new feature and post videos of me interviewing the "Coolest Guy (or Girl) I Know".  Episode #1 begins with the very cool Matt Camp.  He's a great guitarist who's been in plenty of bands around the area, but his latest venture is World Class Assassins.  They just completed an undefeated run of over a week in the 103GBF Rocktagon new song battle here on our website.


I figured it was time to bring Matt in for a sit down to talk about this new band, and what the future plans are for these fellas.  Below the video, which can be viewed on the 103GBF You Tube Channel, along with the many other videos we've posted, is the new song from World Class Assassins "Embrace". BTW, be looking for more editions of the "Coolest Guy (or Girl) I Know" feature coming soon.  Who knows, I might interview YOU!

Listen to World Class Assassins new song "Embrace" right here...