FEMA Tracks Hurricane Matthew Damage With Waffle House
If you have ever driven to Florida, you have noticed something strange right near the Tennessee border. As Denny's signs disappear in the rearview mirror, another bright yellow and black sign replaces it. You're now in Waffle House country.
July Officially Was The Hottest Month Ever
Assuming that boring Al Gore movie was wrong, you will be able to tell your grandkids that you officially lived through the hottest month ever. Before they ignore you and listen to some terrible futuristic dubstep song.
Another Cold Winter On Tap, Sounds Tasty
Remember last winter as you sat shivering in your house, nervously watching the thermostat and dreading the appearance of your next Vectren bill? Remember how it seemed that the Winter of 2010-11 just wouldn't end? Get ready for part two.
How Hot Is It Really?
This summer has got to be one of the hottest that I can remember.  In fact, it's hot as hell in damn near every part of the U.S.  The real questions is..."Is It Hot Enough To Bake Cookies On Your Dashboard?"  The answer is most likely 'yes'...

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