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Taco Bell Introducing The Doritos Taco Shell
Back in April of last year, I wrote about the rumors of Taco Bell test marketing a new taco shell. Knowing their customers knack for late night munchies, they combined the best of fast food and junk food to bring you the Doritos Loco.
Man Has Normal Response To Taco Emergency
Don't you dare skimp on the taco meat if you are ever working at a Mexican food restaurant in Albany, GA (although the series of events to get you in that situation, would be a far better story).
A Culinary Masterpiece
At first I thought I hadn't heard correctly. I was harvesting some crops in Farmville (yes, I'm that lame), and I overhead something on CNN about a new item from Taco Bell. I turned around just in time to see just what years of human evolution have brought us.
SWAT Team Called In To Calm Down Taco Lover
Ricardo Jones was angry that the price of a Taco Bell Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone from 99 cents to a $1.49. How angry? Well, it took tear gas and a SWAT team to finally calm him down.
In Jones's defense, he had ordered seven Beefy Crunch Burritos from a Taco Bell drive-through window in San An…
Taco Bell’s Official “Beef” Response
By now you may have heard or read about the allegations made against Taco Bell and the ingredients in their seasoned beef. Well Taco Bell's president has posted this video and makes their position very clear. Watch it, and decide for yourself...