Blame It On The Boom-Boom
An Iowa woman finds herself in jail after striking her boyfriend and destroying part of the house they share together, all because she didn't get any nookie.
Most Amazing Pole Dance You’ve Seen Today
The amount of strength and control this young lady displays really is amazing. And despite the fact that there is a horrendous song playing the background, she puts on one sexy show. And it looks like she could probably kick your out-of-shape ass if you have anything negative to say.
Why We Watch Women’s Tennis [Photos]
These photos, plus the fact that these gals moan and grunt with every shot, are about the only reasons we have to watch women's tennis...or any women's sport for that matter.
Grandma’s New Quilting Buddy
Quilting is a hobby often overlooked by most males. Except those who take the craft to a new level. Sometimes involving women's panties.