Pop Evil vs. Rains – Rocktagon
The last two weeks have not had a single band enter Rocktagon retirement undefeated. The trend continued last night after Crossfade was ousted as reigning champ, and Rains took the the win. Rains returns tonight to face Pop Evil. Cast your vote now and listen for the winner to be announced tonight d…
Rains vs. Crossfade – Rocktagon
Crossfade ousted Nonpoint to become Rocktagon champ last night. Tonight they'll defend their title against Rains. Cast your vote now and listen to find out who wins tonight during Nocturnal Emissions.
Ghosts of August vs. Rains – Rocktagon
Its already proving to be a wild week in the Rocktagon. No champion has been able to survive more than one night. Can Ghosts of August break that trend, or will Rains be the band that moves on to tomorrow night. Your vote will decide, so vote now...