Weatherman Completely Destroys Ice Giraffe
It took over three hours to make, and its destroyed in a few seconds.
It just wasn't his morning. NBC 12 weatherman, James Quiñones, was reporting on an upcoming benefit at the zoo. He made one misstep and destroyed hours of hard work.
The whole thing was caught on video, including the on-…
Clueless News Anchor Makes Lewd Gestures
When the temperatures are Celsius and the sport's scores are of hockey, you know something epic happened in Canada. And just know it involves a very suggestive hand gesture.
Just in time for Valentine's day, one morning show anchor is probably getting a lot more male fans...
The Manliness Stuff Done In The Past Week
After getting back in the studio after a weekend of camping, I felt like I punched my man card for the week. However, once I log on to the internet I suddenly realize my weekend was pretty much watching-"The View"-while-pinning-wedding-crap-on-pinterest compared to what the followi…
From the Southern Indiana Affairs Desk: Babylon Village
I’m not sure what is going on in Southern Indiana this week, but to say that it has me nervous is an understatement. I only feel somewhat safe as I am currently tucked deep inside a make shift tornado shelter typing this thing out with one hand, while barring the door with the other.
Man Shot at Fast Eddy’s in Evansville Early Friday Morning
Let me just tell you right off the bat that the title of this post is way more exciting than the actual story. Not that I would get excited to hear that somebody got seriously injured, or even killed...but when I heard someone say "did you hear about the shooting last night at Fast Eddy&apo…
And Our News Reports Are About Meth Labs
Aussies get to have all the fun. They're on a continent all by themselves, no smug Canadians to bother them. And they have cool problems, that only a fraction of us have ever had to deal with.
News anchor f-bombin’ it
WDBJ's Holly Pietrzak joined the oh-so-unfortunate list of anchors who have made Freudian slips on the air this week after she mixed up the word "luck" with, well, a word that rhymes with luck.
The visibly embarrassed Pietrzak quickly corrected herself, but allowed just enough …