Promotional Video for 2012 Academy Awards
I'll admit, I enjoyed this promo quite a bit. Will it convince me to watch the Oscars this year? NOPE...sure won't. Here we see folks on a quest to find "The Host" an effort to promote the fact that Billy Crystal is once again hosting the Academy Awards.
Terrible Movie Edits [NSFW]
There is nothing better than catching your favorite movie. Especially if you are like me and prefer them R-Rated and full of the "Queen's Language". Assuming the queen is a drunk sorority chick (hello, Kate Middleton).
New Red-Band Trailer for ‘American Reunion’
The first flick "American Pie" was a huge hit and the voice of a generation (that might be a bit dramatic). Who knows if we would ever know what a MILF was without that movie. Well, the whole cast is back for the fourth installment "American Reunion".
Qwikster: We Hardly Knew Ye
If you have ever had to wait for a check in the mail, you know applying the word 'quick' to anything dependent on the postal service is pure irony. And for that reason, it should come as no surprise that Qwikster is D.O.A.
‘It’s the 90’s!’ A Blast From The Past
By now, my love of the 90's should be no secret. I love the movies, I love the TV, I love the memories (the ones I can still remember) and I definitely love the music. And you can enjoy it too this morning with another rad edition of the 90's at Nine!
Is There An Original Idea In Hollywood?
No one is sure when it happened, but sometime in the last decade Hollywood stopped developing original ideas. For instance there was a Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynold's body switch movie which was basically Freaky Friday with dudes and sex. That's worth another $10 ticket right?
Movie lines and Rhymin’
All to a funky beat!  Well...most of the lines rhyme and the music is a little distracting at times but it's what I've got for you right now.

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