Splash Data Releases A List Of the 25 Worst Passwords In 2012
Consider how many social networking sites, email services, or various other passwords you have to create on the internet. Do you think your's is a good one?
SplashData makes various security applications for mobile devices. They made their list based on shared documents that hackers complied ful…
YouTube Complaint Department Addresses Concerns
In the 1990's, before AOL disks clogged your mailbox, the only place with funny videos required you to put up with Bob Saget talking in annoying voices. Complete with a poorly designed set and obviously paid actors in the audience laughing.
T Rav’s Review Of Google+
Just over a decade ago, it was considered punishment to have to sit through a slideshow of your friend's vacation pictures. Thanks to the world of social networking, not only do you see pictures but you also know what hotel they stayed at and what they ate. Thanks?
The Things That Make You Go, HUH?!?
Its simple, I have a love/hate relationship with Vectren. In case you are from points south or west, Vectren is the energy provider for Evansville. I love Vectren when they provide power to my home, but hate the fact they have to bill me for it. And now, they're adding services I'm not sur…
Its Election Day!
You didn't go vote. Admit it. With the election turnout in Vanderburgh County hovering at 10%, you are not alone. However in Canada, you're not even allowed to talk about the election....on Twitter that is.
Isn’t It Ironic…Don’t You Think
If you're like me and think that irony isn't flies in chardonnay and rain on your wedding day (Ha, that rhymed and I apologize for the pop reference). Then you will appreciate true irony when it smacks you in the face. And when politics are involved, it only gets better.

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