Humvee Shows Off New Airless Tires
What WILL they think of next? First it was the cordless phone...then is was a remote control for your TV...then it was a pool that goes IN the ground. And now, tires don't even need air. Next thing you know, you'll be able to carry your computer around with you, and use it on the top …
Jeep Jamboree Today at Expressway Jeep
I'll be broadcasting live today from 11a-1p at Expressway Jeep in Mt. Vernon, IN. Today is their 5th annual Jeep Jamboree from 11a-3p! Bring out your Jeep and be a part of this absolutely FREE show, or just come by and check it out.
College Days at Frontier Liquor
Come celebrate College Days this weekend at the westside Frontier Liquor location on Red Bank Road. We will be out there broadcasting live on Friday (5p-7p) and Saturday (4p-6p)...and there will be plenty of stuff happening both days.