Ghosts of August

My Interview with Dave Holowchak Of Ghosts Of August
Ghosts Of August is a band that's on the verge of breaking nationwide.  From the Detroit area, GOA are getting lots of attention at rock radio due to their song "Scars".   I recently chatted with GOA lead singer  
Dave Holowchak about the band, th…
Stellar Revival vs. Ghosts of August – Rocktagon
Ghosts of August extend their return to the Rocktagon another night. They'll face off against Stellar Revival, making their GBF debut. Your vote decides who moves on to Thursday. So vote now, and listen for the winner to be announced tonight during Nocturnal Emissions.
Ghosts Of August vs. Weaving The Fate – Rocktagon
The first Rocktagon of the week ended in a total shut out, with 99% of the vote going to Weaving The Fate. Tonight they return to the Rocktagon to face Ghosts of August, on their return to the Rocktagon. Vote for the best now, and listen for the winner tonight at 9.
Ghosts of August vs. Aranda – Rocktagon
After annihilating the competition last night, Ghosts of August will make their fourth appearance in the Rocktagon this week. Tonight they face off against Aranda as they make their debut appearance on GBF.
Ghosts of August vs. The Dreaming – Rocktagon
Its our first streak of the week as Ghosts of August make their third appearance in the Rocktagon. Tonight they face off against GBF newcomer The Dreaming. Vote now and listen for the winner after 9 during Nocturnal Emissions.
Ghosts of August vs. Rains – Rocktagon
Its already proving to be a wild week in the Rocktagon. No champion has been able to survive more than one night. Can Ghosts of August break that trend, or will Rains be the band that moves on to tomorrow night. Your vote will decide, so vote now...
Black Veil Brides vs. Ghosts of August – Rocktagon
Black Veil Brides pulled off an easy win this week, but will they keep the streak going as they face Ghosts of August? Vote for who you want to hear more of, and they stay in the Rocktagon. Simple! I'll have your winner, after 9, during Nocturnal Emissions on GBF....