Art of Dying

Art of Dying vs. Emphatic – Rocktagon
The Duells Evansville Hyundai bring you this Rocktagon battle, with Emphatic returning to face off against Art of Dying. Listen to the songs, cast your vote, and find out who wins during Nocturnal Emissions. Voting wraps up Friday at 8 PM Central!
Star City Meltdown vs. Art of Dying – Rocktagon
Star City Meltdown ended the week with 99% of the vote against Cavo. They'll start this week facing off against Art of Dying. Vote Now, and listen for the winner tonight during Nocturnal Emissions.
Star City Meltdown - Here With You
Art of Dying - Sorry
The Last Nova vs. Art of Dying – Rocktagon
The Last Nova continues their week long streak by making their 4th appearance in the Rocktagon. Can Art of Dying be the end of their run. Well you decide that by voting now and listening for the winner tonight at 9, during Nocturnal Emissions...
Rocktagon: Art of Dying vs. Egypt Central
We start the week with two brand new bands in the Rocktagon. After Crossfade swept away the competition, they join Sixx:A.M as retired Rocktgon Champs. Tonight we premiere new GBF Rock from Art of Dying and Egypt Central.
Who will continue on to tomorrow's Rocktagon, your vote will decide...
Art Of Dying Wants YOU!
Not in some sexy, groupie, backstage action sort of way. They're needing a design for their tour shirt this summer.